American Abolitionists and Antislavery Activists:
Conscience of the Nation

Updated April 4, 2021

l to r: Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips

About Us

This website was created as a tribute to American abolitionists and anti-slavery activists. 

The research and the material that appears on this website is the result of an ongoing project to compile a database of individuals and organizations who were opposed to slavery.  It is our hope to continue to add to this website on a regular basis.

We are a nonprofit organization and the work to produce this website has been done on a voluntary basis.

The editor is Eric Saul.  Saul is a historian and museum curator, and author of several books on history.  He has curated a number of exhibits on ethnic minorities in the United States, including African Americans and Japanese Americans.  Click here for Eric Saul's biography.

Special thanks to Amy Fiske for her work on designing and implementing this website.  Amy's great great great uncle was Henry Warner Slocum, a senior general in the Army of the Potomac and commander of the Army of Georgia during the Civil War.  Prior to the war, he was a strong advocate for the abolition of slavery.

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